Looking to hire our students and graduates?

Summer Internships

Washington is one of the top summer internship destinations for Wake Forest undergraduate and graduate students. Please refer to the Office of Personal and Career Development (OPCD) website to post internship opportunities.

Spring/Fall Internships

Students in the undergraduate Wake Washington Program are available for internships Monday – Thursday and take classes at the Wake Washington Center on select evenings and Fridays. Please contact Jennifer Richwine at richwijl@wfu.edu to learn more about hosting interns, and we appreciate your support!

Full-Time Positions

In recent years, 10% of each Wake Forest graduating class has moved to the Washington area within 3 months of graduation. We offer well-rounded talent with majors from Business and Enterprise Management to Anthropology and Sociology, critical thinkers ready to learn and lead in your organization. Refer to the OPCD website for submitting job postings.