Thoughts from Wake Forest Leaders

  • Nathan O. Hatch, President

    “We came to Washington, D.C. because we know it is a place our students and alumni want to be. It is here – where people have the opportunity to be in the center of our nation’s activity, where there is room to make a difference – it is here we want to be.  It is here Wake Foresters need to be. It is here we are pleased to be.”

  • Donna Edwards ('80), Trustee and Former U.S. Representative

    “Wake Forest develops people who know how to think critically, have conversations with one another, find commonality that crosses party lines, and work for the greater good. If there is one thing that unites us, it is the spirit of Pro Humanitate, which is very much needed now in our country and in our nation’s capital.”

  • Richard Burr ('78), U.S. Senator

    “I’m excited to see Wake Forest launch this fantastic program.  I know that any student who spends a semester in Washington will be better for it.”

  • Al Hunt ('65), Life Trustee and Bloomberg View Columnist

    “What more interesting time and what more interesting place for students who are intellectually curious to have the chance to spend a semester in D.C.”

  • Michele Gillespie, Dean of the College

    “We are a national school. We are a global school, and we have important contributions to make. Being in Washington, D.C. at this time matches perfectly with the momentum of the University itself.”

  • Mike Riley ('81), The Chronicle of Higher Education President and CEO

    “We want to plant our flag. We want to have a stake in this city and the world.”

  • Jimmy Kemp ('93), Jack Kemp Foundation President

    “The opportunity for Wake Forest is to be part of the solution. We need a lot more civility in our politics and a lot more Pro Humanitate, recognizing what the promise of this country was in the first place.”

Why We’re Here

The vision of Wake Forest in Washington is to raise the profile and tangible presence of Wake Forest University in Washington, D.C. and have a discernible role in the national conversations on the policies, laws and central issues facing this country and our world.

Our presence here starts with academic programs and is fortified by more than 9,000 Wake Forest alumni, parents and friends who live and work in the Washington area, many of whom have established themselves as leaders in the community. By building a bridge between our nation’s capital and our campus in Winston-Salem, we are able to forge a pathway for students and alumni to live out Pro Humanitate on the national and global stage.

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Upcoming Virtual Events

Brown Bag Lunch, Pandemics & Predictions: What’s Next in World Politics & Global Brands
Thursday, June 11th | 12:00pm-1:00pm
Hear from Tim Roemer (P’16, P’22), Former Ambassador to India and Executive Director and Strategic Counselor at APCO Worldwide, on what’s next for politics and global brands amid the pandemic. The discussion will be moderated by Emily Manning (’12), National Security Adviser to Senator Marsha Blackburn and member of Global Deacs Executive Committee.
Register here

Past Virtual Events

Religion, Public Life, and The Supreme Court in the Time of COVID-19 with Melissa Rogers
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to view the recording.

Understanding & Evaluating the U.S. Presidential Selection Process with Dr. Katy Harriger
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Healthcare, Health Policy, and a Global Pandemic, Where do We Go From Here? with Donna Edwards (’80) & Jack Kalavritinos (’85)
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to view the recording.

National Security Implications of COVID-19 with Shane Harris (’98)
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