What’s in the Center

Wake Forest has renovated a 4,300sf suite inside One Dupont Circle, the home of the National Center for Higher Education, to create classroom, conference room, office, and event space to serve the Wake Washington Program’s students and faculty, as well as to accommodate engagement and networking opportunities for area Wake Foresters.

Typical events in the Center include:

  • Alumni workshops
  • Speaker events & panels
  • Undergraduate classes in the spring and fall semesters
  • Law classes in the spring and summer
  • Networking events
  • Live video conferences between alumni in the Center and students on campus
  • Volunteer meetings

Visiting the Center

We would love to see you if you’re visiting or reside in the area and want to come by. To ensure ease of access to the building and Center, please give us a call at 336.758.4050 or email Jenna Radford at radforjl@wfu.edu to let us know when you would like to visit.


The Center is accessible by Metro on the Red Line steps away from the Dupont Circle station. If entering the circle by car or on foot, exit by South Dupont and you will see One Dupont Circle next to the Bank of America ATM lobby as well as the CVS.


While the One Dupont Circle building itself does not have a parking garage, street parking is free and easy to find within a few blocks of the Center. Pay parking also exists across the street and at many points along Dupont Circle.


The Center has negotiated special rates with a few nearby hotels. All are within a 10-minute walk from the Wake Washington Center. If you have questions about hotels, please contact Jenna Radford (radforjl@wfu.edu) or Jennifer Richwine (richwijl@wfu.edu).

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