Out of the Minor Chords, The Major Chords of Washington, DC

by Will Gardner (’24) Two weeks ago, I visited the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for a performance by the National Symphony Orchestra. The concert featured orchestral selections from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No. 2. I was particularly struck […]


by Dev Chojar (’23) I transferred to Wake Forest in Fall 2020. Ever since then, I had been trying to figure out why. I really wasn’t sure what separated Wake from my first school, but the Wake Washington Program has quickly changed that. From transformative […]

First Week Excitement

by Abby Bermeo (’24) The first week of the Wake Washington Fall 2022 program has come and gone much faster than I had anticipated. This past week was packed with orientation meetings, classes, museum trips, and tours around the city. Just a few hours after […]

DC: More Than Just “Interesting”

by Dr. Will Walldorf, Associate Professor of Politics & International Affairs As a scholar who focuses primarily on U.S. foreign policy, grand strategy, and international security, I knew it would be interesting to be in Washington, D.C. for a semester, both for my students and […]

Week Five Reflections

by Ted Bossong (’24) It’s hard to believe that the fifth week has already gone by, but I’m looking forward to my first real day off since starting work on the Hill with President’s Day coming up on Monday. That being said, I’ll touch on […]